Meet the Founder

Cambridge Climate Consulting was founded by Marcus Martin in 2021. Marcus is an ethical vegan, a bestselling author of ecological fiction, a Cambridge University postgraduate, and a serial entrepreneur. He has committed his professional and personal life to sustainable solutions for the climate emergency, and has built a wide network of business leaders and contacts to accelerate results for his clients. His activities gave rise to CCC, with the core aim of driving growth for ethical businesses who are developing sustainable products and services to make the world a better place.


Communications Expert

  • Facilitating the growth of the alternative protein sector at ProVeg International

  • Working with researchers and industry experts to identify commercial whitespaces

  • Developing brand and communications strategies to reach new demographics

Bestselling Author & Science Podcaster

  • No.1 international bestselling author published in print, digital and audio worldwide

  • Nine novels published, available everywhere from Waterstones to Walmart

  • Podcast interviews with experts at Harvard, Cambridge, and Stanford, alongside with entrepreneurs, X-Prize winners, Artificial Intelligence pioneers, and more

  • Optimizing cross-channel marketing campaigns to deliver positive ROIs

Growth Manager

  • Spearheading organic referral campaigns

  • Optimizing customer communications journey

  • Increasing conversion rates and customer satisfaction scores

  • Achieving 10X growth of user base in 12 months

  • Driving company growth and product maturity to secure a £10m Series A raise

Product Launch Consultant

  • Analyzing user data to refine product features

  • Training teams of analysts on bespoke systems

  • Launching the Amazon Alexa product for the UK market

Professional Diploma

  • Professional qualification in the global energy system and climate change

  • Calculating the levelized costs and benefits of different low-carbon solutions

Postgraduate Alumnus

  • Interdisciplinary research across psychology and politics (MPhil, ADip)

  • Stand-up comedian and Ed Fringe Festival performer