Decarbonisation for Businesses

What we offer

  • decarbonise your business quickly

  • protect your bottom line

  • get tailor-made solutions and staff support

We'll benchmark your current greenhouse gas emissions across scopes 1, 2, and 3 (i.e. your organisation's direct and indirect emissions along its value chain). Then we'll equip you with a bespoke, user-friendly roadmap to decarbonise quickly. We’ll outline your essential milestones and key performance indicators.

If you're looking to support your staff with change management, we can consult with and train your key personnel to ensure long-term success in your decarbonisation.

Let us take the stress out of your green transition. We can help you embrace planet-friendly profit with clarity and confidence. Use the link below to get in touch and request our full decarbonisation brochure.

Case Study

In 2014 Virgin Atlantic partnered with Harvard to reduce their emissions. How? Well, this wasn't about directly optimizing the performance of their hardware through machinery upgrades - that's an ongoing process. They were looking for ways to decarbonise through changes to employee behaviour.

The airline monitored 335 chosen captains across 40,000 flights during an eight month period. Significantly, only a portion of the captains were informed of the nature and purpose of the ongoing analysis.

Virgin/Harvard found that the pilots who were told that their fuel performance was being monitored massively improved their flight efficiency. Just by making fuel efficiency a personal responsibility of the pilots and a measurable part of their performance review, the airline was able to achieve substantial improvements without the need for any major new technologies.

Just in the eight-month sub-sample who changed their behaviour, Virgin saved around 21,000 tons of CO2 and saved over $5m in fuel costs during the eight month study.

Cambridge Climate consulting helps businesses to benchmark their emissions, then devise a roadmap that empowers employees to help decarbonise the business. Get in touch for more details.