Brand Strategy

What we offer

Our creative branding experts will help you to find your organisation's unique voice - and sing it from the rooftops. We can help build your entire brand presence from scratch - or re-invigorate your existing efforts. Check out our tried-and-tested process below.

Our branding process

A genuine and distinctive brand voice is essential in appealing to modern consumers - especially as they become more eco-minded.

We demistify the branding process for our clients through a methodical, cooperative, and supportive process. We'll bring a fresh perspective plus our broad industry expertise. We combine this with your internal wisdom, ethos, and values, to create a brand that will invigorate and excite your team and clients alike.

Your internal brand

We'll work closely with your team to help you create rock-solid internal alignment. Through discovery workshops, interviews, and co-creation, we'll guide you in creating your first four key components of creating your brand. These primarily internal documents will be your foundations:

1. Your purpose statement - why do you exist?
This statement should inspire your employees and attract your customers

2. Your vision statement - what future are you striving for?
This inspires your team and guides your decision-making.

3. Your core values - what are your actionable principles?
These enable you and your team to deliver your dream customer experience consistently.

4. Your positioning statement - how do you want to be perceived?
You may have a wide range of products or services, but what key idea do you want consumers to associate with your brand?

Your external brand

Once we've helped you to crystalize your brand goals internally, we'll help you create the perfect tools to communicate with your target consumers.

5. Your brand personality - what human-like qualities would suit your organisation?
Choosing a focal human character trait will help consumers connect with your brand on an emotional level.

6. Your brand voice - what's your communication style?
Language is where your brand personality meets its audience.

7. Your tagline - how do you want to be remembered?
Convey your brand's mission, values, a vibe with just a few carefully-chosen words.

We have far-reaching expertise in creative branding strategies for businesses of all sizes. Facilitation and co-creation are how we help our clients to create their truly unique brand voices. Let's talk.

Case Study

As a bestselling author of eco fiction, Marcus understands the importance of having a personal brand that resonates with your audience.

Following a successful launch campaign, his debut book series Convulsive won three literary awards. However, sales plateaued prematurely as the series wasn't gaining mainstream traction.

Marcus undertook a full re-branding exercise. He began by researching market competitors - analyzing their brand artwork and voice. He then emulated best practice methods, redesigning the covers to have a brand uniformity and style that was both immediately familiar to target audiences, and uniquely different at the same time.

He designed multiple contrasting versions of the front covers, then ran A/B split tests across social media target audiences, and his existing newsletter followers. From the results, he identified the cover that best appealed to his target readers.

He then repeated the same activity to ensure the messaging on landing pages and ads was equally optimized, before publishing the final changes.

As sales improved, Marcus increased the daily advertising spend in manageable increments. Within four months of completing the five-part series, and the extensive rebranding activities, the boxset became an international #1 bestseller.