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We have a broad talent pool of industry experts with Oxbridge credentials. Here you'll find the perfect blend of specialist skills to meet your business's consulting needs. We have experience working with businesses in technology, healthcare, education, retail, and investment. Our clients range from start ups to multinationals and global NGOs. Whatever your business's sector or goals, we have access to top-level talent that can solve your problems - both from our primary consultants (below) and our extensive wider network. Get in touch and let's discuss how we can help your business to profit sustainably.  

Marcus Martin
Founder & CEO, Sustainability strategist, MPhil & ADip (Cantab), Cert (Harvard)

Marcus is an expert in profitable sustainability strategy. He's worked with businesses of all sizes from start-ups to multinationals. He helped launch the Amazon Echo into the UK market, took a childcare start-up through a successful £10m Series A raise, and achieved international bestseller status as a self-published author. With a background in interdisciplinary research at Cambridge University, and professional qualifications from Harvard and the Inter-American Development Bank, Marcus uses his breadth of experience to devise bespoke green strategy and branding solutions for his clients. 

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Sumaera Rathore
Biotech PhD researcher (Cantab), Entrepreneur (Judge Business School) 

Sumaera specialises in predictive analytics, operations (deal flow), and sustainable investment strategy. As ops manager at Imagine IF!, a global biotech accelerator, she supported dozens of start ups in developing successful investment pitches. Through her regular analytic work for global venture capital firms and mentoring for start ups, Sumaera brings expert insight into the strategic challenges facing businesses across the biotech sector. Her solutions are data-driven, allowing her clients to harness their profitability and sustainability in one. 

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Dr. Alex O'Bryan-Tear
Corporate Team Builder, Doctor of Psychology (Cantab) 

Alex has been running team-building and personal development workshops for ten years, with clients including Google, Snapchat, McKinsey, and the NHS. As a doctor of psychology and acclaimed improv performer, Alex brings an incredible blend of insight and humour to unlock your team's potential. He offers 60+ standard training packages, as well as frequently curating bespoke engagement programs to meet his client's specific needs. As your team positions itself around a bold new sustainable profit strategy, Alex can create the perfect environment for your team to solidify supportive emotional connections - the perfect springboard for growth.

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Melissa Dix
Intellectual Property Paralegal, Business Compliance Expert (Oxon)

Melissa specializes in Intellectual Property law. She has extensive experience in patent, trade mark, and design applications across Europe. Her clients come from diverse sectors including healthcare, cleantech, and SaaS. She also works closely with start-ups, helping them to meet all of their business compliance obligations. Melissa holds a postgraduate diploma in law from BPP Law School and a first class degree from Oxford University. 

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Dr. Jasdip Dulai
Pharmacologist (Cantab), Chief Scientific Officer

Jas oversees scientific research at Cambridge Climate Consulting. An expert in pharmaceutical drug development, he brings a sustainability lens to the healthcare sector, where he has helped clients to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and plastic waste. As both an active researcher and a qualified pharmacist, Jas works across NHS hospitals, private pharmacies, and cutting-edge laboratories. He is also a commissioned officer in the British Military Reserves.

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Dr. Freya Jephcott
Epidemiologist (Cantab), WHO & UN consultant, crisis response expert

Freya is a doctor of epidemiology. Her expertise includes infectious disease management, public health strategy, and community research. She received a medal from the British Government for her frontline work coordinating the Ebola crisis response in West Africa.  Freya has managed international teams for Médecins Sans Frontières, the World Health Organisation, and the United Nations. She advises the UK Government on infectious disease protocol, and conducts research for the Centre for Existential Risk at the University of Cambridge. 

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Carl Lawrence
Data scientist (Cantab), Data analyst (UK Gov)

Carl is a data scientist with experience across government, NGOs, and the private sector.  He excels at presenting complex analyses concisely. His insights are crafted to be digestible and actionable for key decision makers. In a recent project for the UK Cabinet Office Carl automated a quality assurance tool, undertook structural equation modelling,  and coded specialist software to produce regression models. Carl regularly leverages his data skills to improve businesses' sales strategies and financial forecasting.  

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